Monday, August 07, 2006

Certain things in relation to a man standing at 3rd block

Certain things can be said without explanations.

Without the knowledge of three hundred years of history,
they can embody the incompleteness of existence with perfection.

They can make love with the girl smelling like wheat without the
shades of darkness,
pluck a moment of ecstasy from the haunting silence of wilderness
without remembering the forest guard,
smell the granite of old Tamil temples in dark pubs without the
consent of gods.

A man standing at 3rd block can imagine without pain
that the next bus in the stop would run through roads with ever unseen
meanings and reach the doorsteps of the girl he loves

And then the rest of the world would go still
at least for an eternity.

Certain things can be said without explanations.
They can cook up stories without beginnings and ends,
And still believe with all optimism that
he is the only one who leaves from all this.


Satchid said...

I have gone through all the poems on the site and I can see a poet maturing fast, commenting on the everyday as well as the pieces of art he loves.Clearly a real poet's imagination is at work here drawing in all that he sees and feels into its eager vortex and finding them parrallels in words and images.There are minor blemishes of language here and there that will gradually vanish.

I.K said...

I just love the ideas behind each poem.All the poems are very mature and makes u spellbound!!!