Monday, May 14, 2007

In a small Indian Town

I am in a small Indian town
where red bell bottom pants
are back in fashion.

Long, curly hairs and tight shirts –
People straight out of my dad’s old college snap
are walking all around
with a half burnt slanting cigarette on their lips,
a half told swear in their eyes,
imagining a half dreamy 60’s in their aura

I am in a small Indian town
where some of the kids sell cannabis to friends
to save enough money to fuck the hottest tart

The kids consider it cool to bunk college
and hangout with the goons –
to hang a bottle of beer in your hand
sitting in a dark godown,
and inspect your collection of shining swords and blades,
to go killing at night for pocket money

I am in a small Indian town
where you sleep happily in between your parents
after selling your girl friend for a thousand bucks

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